About Us

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Disneyland Academy is a secondary school located in Kolbari-Marga, Masbar, Pokhara- 7, Nepal established in 2063 BS which provides quality education for the students from class Nursery to class 10 and is managed by the experienced teachers and lecturers from the Pokhara Valley. It is an educational community where students and staff of various nationalities and background live, study and work together in a congenial atmosphere.The aim is to provide an all round education in which children are prepared to face any crisis in life with moral dignity and to become useful and loyal citizens of the country.

Disneyland seeks to prepare a student, not merely to pass examinations or enter a profession, but also aims at creating a tolerant, balanced, independent individual with the right attitude of mind and spirit and a desire to help others.The school believes that proper education can only be imparted to children only when the School, the Home and the Society work in tandem in a spirit of mutual respect. we strive to give them numerous opportunities to develop their individual interests and to cultivate their talents through enrichment, engagement and extra-curricular activities. They are empowered with the skill of converting every challenge into an opportunity